Panasonic's new D-Snap MP3 players and micro-stereo systems

D-Snap SD-750V

Panasonic announced four new D-snap MP3 players and two micro stereo systems: the MP3 players all feature improved sound via a new digital amp, an FM global tuner, and battery life up to a staggering 45 hours — up to 105 when paired with a AA… yowza. The SD750V and SD700 also include better, double-drive in-ear earphones, and measure-up at 3.4 x 1.8 x 0.39-inches or about the size of a certain other nanotastic player. The SD750V and SD350V also include voice recorders. The new SD micro-stereo systems are said to be the world's first to feature CD, FM/AM, SD slot, and up to 80GB of fixed disk space, and also feature a QVGA LCD. All products will be shipping in Japan starting 19 November. Pics of the micro-system and more after the break.

[Via Akihabara News, thanks Richard]

d-snap mini stereo

D-snap SC-SX800 micro stereo system

d-snap mp3 4-up

D-snap SV-SD750V,SV-SD350V MP3 players