HP hits up Blu-ray Consortium for mandatory managed copy


Looks like HP's putting their foot down on this one; apparently they've informed the Blu-ray Consortium that either the standard gets changed to be a little more consumer friendly, or they're going with HD DVD. We've seen companies not commit to either HD DVD or Blu-ray for a variety of reasons, or in some cases even commit to both; we've heard the gripes, we've listened to the complaints, we've read the analyses, but we've yet to see a major player actually attempt to coerce one of the format lobbying groups into affecting a change they see as key. The upshot is that it's really not really too late to make changes in either format, which is what HP's hoping to leverage in their request for a changeup in Blu-ray's direction with what's arguably the hottest issue between the standards right now: mandatory managed copy (i.e. the guarantee that the end user will have the ability to copy movies onto their PC and play them across their home network). So will the world's number two PC manufacturer holding an axe over Sony's neck head tip the scales? Well, here's to hoping.

[Via HDBeat]