PodLocker promises security, may deliver torn pants


So here's another product meant to add some security to your life that may in fact leave you worse off than you would have been without it. The PodLocker is an aluminum frame that slips over several different iPod models and comes with a carabineer-style Master Lock for securing to your clothes, bag, or desk. On the surface, this seems like an idea whose time has surely come, what with the recent spate of podjackings that have plagued music-loving subway riders worldwide. Upon consulting the company psychic (read: magic eight ball), however, we envision a scenario that substantially differs from full iPod lockdown: instead of tearing your 'Pod straight from your hands, hooligans will start simply ripping the damn thing right through your belt loop or purse strap. So rather than just losing your iPod, now you're down a DAP, a PodLocker, and a $1000 Vuitton bag—security breakthrough, indeed.

[Thanks, Ari]