Wacom's Intuos3 A5 tablet is a wide one

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Paul Miller
October 29, 2005 11:00 AM
Wacom's Intuos3 A5 tablet is a wide one image
Wacom's Intuos3 A5 tablet is a wide one image
Wacom Intuos3 A5

It seems like widescreen or bust these days, and Wacom is jumping into the fray with a 16:10 aspect ratio drawing tablet for better reflecting the on screen action you're getting with one those fancy new monitors. With a 6 x 11-inch drawing area, according to Digit Online news, and an overall size of 8 x 11-inches a bit larger than the drawing area, the Wacom Intuos3 A5 is sized for slipping into your laptop bag, ready at a moment's notice for an airport-based Photoshop session or an improvised—yet fully buzzword compliant—sledding apparatus. Wacom isn't bundling a mouse with this new Intuos, apparently nobody was really using them, but if that's not a deal breaker for you, this snazzy widescreen tablet could be yours for £249.90—about $444US.

[Via TUAW]

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