AOpen's miniPC will ship this month


AOpen is talking some serious smack when they blowhard about their Mac mini knockoff, the MiniPC, being a "perfect example of AOpen's innovation." Hell, not only does it share the same name and 6.5-inch square dimensions as the other mini, it also sports the same rear-mounted 2 x USB and 1 x FireWire ports, built-in Ethernet, DVI connection, and optional 802.11b/g and Bluetooth modules (for the same $499 price tag when configured with XP, no less). But if we just get past the design-copping for a second, we'll find a $399 configuration which flaunts Linux-based Linspire and a whole suite of desktop and internet apps preloaded onto the MiniPC. Oddly (or intentionally?) the RAM and HDD capacities are missing from the press release; yet considering AOpen can also fit in what they call the "the latest" Pentium M (2.26 GHz?), DVD burner and additional S-Video, component, and composite connectors for connectivity to your home entertainment system, we're feeling ok about it. Well, we'll see if this is truly an on-the-cheap Linux media dream-center soon enough as AOpen claims they'll start shipping the miniPC this month in the US.