Buffalo HD-HTGL/R5 TeraStation reviewed

buffalo terastation

If you're considering using a Buffalo TeraStation or other big NAS drive as a media server, you may want to check out Davis Freeberg's review of the TeraStation at Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection first — along with the response from Buffalo to an earlier version of the review. Freeberg points out that, although having a terabyte of networked storage sounded great at first, he was plagued by throughput problems and misinformation from customer service personnel when he tried to get a fix. Later, Buffalo responded that throughput would indeed be slower on a NAS than on a dedicated drive, but that his speeds were unusually slow, and that, despite word to the contrary from customer service, the drive can work as a server with Windows MCE. Looks like these drives aren't quite ready for the average non-technical consumer — or for Buffalo's average non-technical support personnel.