Talkin' Trash

talking trash can

Ok, talking trash cans aren't new. Hell, we've even seen bins that can flock together and sing. But we still like the potential of living amongst garbage munching animatronic muppets so we'll give this a chance. Talkin' Trash is a concept to sensory enhance the "mundane and gross" kitchen garbage can. By adding a series of weight, touch, motion, and moisture sensors your bin can respond by giggling (inserting a liner), belching (when full), plays taps (when emptied)... yawn (you get the idea). Of real interest to us would be a bar code or RFID reader coupled with an LCD display which could feedback our personal statistics on waste produced over time — cause if you can measure it, you can manage it, dig. Real-time feedback like, "damn dude, lay off the Slim Jims" before signaling the Swash to warm up would also be nice.

[Via BoingBoing]