Multipot combines LED lamp with charging station


The Multipot may look like an ordinary flowerpot — albeit one with a power line snaking out behind it — and that's the idea. The pot, available in black, white, silver or brown, is actually a multi-outlet strip where you can plug in all of the chargers for your cellphone, digicam, audio player and so forth. Stuff all the wires in, snake the connectors out through the top, and you've got a base station where you can place everything while charging. There's an LED lamp on top as well, making this useful as a nightlight. Of course, at close to $300, it's just a bit more expensive than your standard power strip and LED USB light, but if you just can't bear to have a nest of wires marring your sleek designer loft, this may be just the right accessory for your nightstand or foyer.

[Thanks, Mark]