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Matrox DualHead2Go drives two monitors off one video card

matrox dualhead2go

We realize that not everyone can afford to set up a multi-display system as impressive as the HIPerWall at UC Irvine, so for those power users who need less than 50 monitors (namely, 48 less) and have around $200 to blow as opposed to $200,000, Matrox will soon be shipping a device that creates a dual-monitor configuration using your PC's existing graphics card. The DualHead2Go, as it's known, tricks your system into thinking that your two 1280 x 1024 monitors are really one big 2560 x 1024 beast, allowing your desktop to flow across two screens. Users of certain laptops can even employ the DualHead2Go for hooking up two more monitors in addition to the built-in LCD for a super-cheap three-monitor setup. Expect this to ship in the middle of the month for around $170, although we're gonna withhold final judgement until we find out if pushing three displays off of one card compromises your notebook's performance in any way.

[Via ExtremeTech]