Mr. T wants you to use GPS "navtones," fool

mr t

Forget about that generic voice that came with your GPS. If you want your directions to be delivered with attitude, why not have Mr. T show you the way? Or, for that "Easy Rider" experience, let Dennis Hopper rev you up. The two are just some of the celebrities whose voices are being digitized as downloadable "navtones" for use with GPS systems. Developer Wanderlust Media is a little vague on which GPS systems support the custom voices, requesting that potential customers help out by "clicking your navigation manufacturer and sending them a quick note as to why your system deserves special attention." We'll hold off on an endorsement until we find out more — though we do think we might actually get lost a little less often with Mr. T shouting at us to "pay attention to what I'm saying! You gonna get the directions … you gonna be there safely, or else!"