"T-Rot" robotic bartender with pressure-sensitive grip

t-rot bartender robot

We're all for technology being used to free wage-slaves from the tedium of their jobs, but until they can invent a robotic bartender that flips bottles and woos patrons a la Tom Cruise in Cocktail, we'll stick with regular old human suds slingers who regale us with their false tales of bravado and sports heroics. Still, judging by the bot manning the bar at the APEC forum in Busan, South Korea, we're inching ever closer to the day when ex-jocks don't have a guaranteed post-high school job at that local bar that sells booze to underage football players. "T-Rot" (for thinking robot; "T-Bot" must have been taken) is being touted by the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology's Intelligent Robot taskforce as the most sophisticated drinkbot to date, making such competitors as the Robobar, Barhand, and Brainbar seem positively obsolete. Not only can T-Rot recognize different faces and objects, and hold simple conversations, its pressure sensitive hands allow for an adjustable grip that leaves delicate wine glasses and arthritic senior hands unbroken. Once they can program T-Rot to ignore male bar patrons as well as regular bartenders do, it's gonna start looking real bad for the Sam Malones of the world.