Steve Jobs presents the iPod Invisa… on SNL

iPod pequenco

No, no, we didn't slip up and miss a keynote or anything. But according to a Saturday Night Live "special report" with "Steve Jobs" of the mighty black turtleneck, we did miss two entire product lines that are both already obsolete. The iPod Micro was launched live and immediately displaced by the iPod Pequeno (shown at right), holding one million songs in the size of your thumbnail. Before we could blink the Pequeno was trumped by the iPod Invisa, which holds 8 million songs, "every photograph ever taken," and is completely invisible (and you thought watching video on your cellphone was cramped…). We don't even have to tell you that someone already tried to place an online order for the Invisa from the Apple Store, right? Peep the vid:

Steve Jobs on SNL [MOV]