Takara Phone Opener flips your lid for you

takara phone opener

If you think the hottest thing about the Moto PEBL is the way it pops open at the mere press of a tiny button, but don't want to wait until you can actually get one from your carrier, you can always pick up Takara's Oritatamisiki Keitai Opener, a ¥980 ($8) attachment that you clip onto the side of a flip phone. Push a button on the side, and it'll open your phone for you, sparing you the oh-so-difficult task of popping it open on your own. It even comes in four colors to coordinate with most phones. Sounds like $8 well-spent, though if you're lazy enough to want one of these, you probably don't have the energy to actually track one down from a Japanese source.

[Via Odd Things From Japan]