Xbox 360 Hell: the itinerary


Congrats to HD Beat contributor, Richard, who did get his Xbox 360. I had a few minutes this morning to tell you that I wasn't as lucky and I just got back from Round 2 of trying for an HDTV gaming console.

If I had it in me to Google Map my itinerary I certainly would, but I'm running on fumes right now. Instead, I'll give you the high-level play by play. The funny part is: as great a gaming machine this console is, I was trying to get my paws on one for the 360 Media Extender capability first! (Seriously!) If you're remotely interested in my trip to hell and back, click on the jump for the details as best as I can recollect; my lack of sleep might cause a missed stop or two!

10:05 p.m yesterday: laid out warm clothes and set two alarms; one for 11:50 p.m. and one for 3:00 a.m.
11:50 p.m.: woke up and checked various websites for on-line availability until 12:40 a.m.
3:00 a.m.: woke up, got dressed and double-checked for on-line availability.
3:26 a.m.: left house and went to Wal-Mart #1. Was 14th in line for 14 consoles. Major faux pas by leaving and thinking I could get a Premium system.
3:30 a.m.: stopped for coffee.
4:00 a.m.: Pulled up to Target where there were 40 people for 35 consoles.
4:05 a.m.: Pulled up to CompUSA; 10 people for 10 consoles.
4:10 a.m.: Drove to Best Buy where the circus was in town. All consoles spoken for.
4:15 a.m.: Pulled up to Toys'R'Us and there was nobody there. A call yesterday indicated that they may not get their shipment in time. I think they just didn't want folks camping out.
4:20 a.m.: Pulled up to CircuitCity: All consoles spoken for by campers.
4:40 a.m.: Drove to Wal-Mart #2. Worker told me they opened at midnight because people were camped; sold out in 10 minutes.
5:00 a.m.: Found a K-Mart with campers; all consoles spoken for.
5:10 a.m.: Found Wal-Mart #3 and was laughed at by night-crew. Another surprise midnight opening and an obvious sell-out.
Home by 5:30 a.m. where I jumped into bed for a few hours of needed sleep.

Woke up at 7:45 a.m.
9:00 a.m.: Returned to Toys'R'Us which magically had their shipment. All consoles spoken for.
9:10 a.m.: Stopped at Costco where they received 24 consoles. All 24 spoken for with a 10 a.m. early opening.
9:20 a.m.: Went to Sears where they opened early but only received 2 consoles. 30 people on a wait-list and they stopped taking names.
9:30 a.m.: Tried EB Games on an off chance. Duh.
9:40 a.m.: Tried RadioShack and was told that no consoles were released to retail stores; sales folks tried to help me with an on-line order, but already sold out.
9:50 a.m.: Wondered if Blockbuster was carrying the console: nope.

10:30 a.m.: Home from hell with nothing but empty coffee-cups to show for it.

Got an Xbox 360 horror story? Share in the comments so I know I'm not the only one; it would make me feel SO much better!