Bang & Olufsen's BeoMedia 1 Media Center

B&O BeoMedia 1 media center

Bang & Olufsen have just announced their WinXP Media Center Edition BeoMedia 1. B&O claims their solution which features a custom front-end differs from other Media Center offerings by "selecting the functionality most relevant to the user, and making it easy to use." The built-in 160GB disk hosts your digital photos, video clips, digital music, for playback through your B&O (and non-B&O presumably) home entertainment system. Oddly, but not for B&O, they don't list a single supported format in their press release. You can also access pre-selected websites and Internet radio stations with your lazy azz planted firmly in the couch — all via your Beo4 remote which you already own, right? And BeoLink support means you can stream media to other B&O devices around the house via their proprietary protocol. Look, if you're already knee-deep in B&O and don't mind the expected $2700 tag, then this might be the media center for you. Else, why not take our holiday gift guide advice and pick up a Sony VAIO XL1 Media Center with 200 disc DVD changer for about $700 less.

[Via ployer]