Xbox 360 brings out the worst in people


What is it about electronics that brings out the violent side of so many people? First we saw a mob of laptop-happy Virginians push, claw, and trample each other to score $50 Apple iBooks a few months back, then it suddenly became dangerous to sport your iPod on the subway, and now a new crime wave seems to have erupted over the wildly-hyped Xbox 360. iNOMALY has rounded up several stories of 360-mad citizens across the country who didn't let the restrictive rules of law stop them from snatching up the rare new console. Not only was a Stafford, VA Electroincs Boutique robbed at gunpoint for a mere two Xboxes, but a 17-year-old North Dakota boy was stripped of his new 'box as he left the store, and a Florida man was X-jacked by two gunmen as he left Wal-Mart (plus, we also heard about a Rochester, NY couple who were assaulted and robbed of their 360 voucher while standing in line at Best Buy). If this nonsense doesn't stop, pretty soon you're gonna need a background check to buy a TV, and well-meaning sites like ours will be accused of inciting all sorts of nastiness and mayhem a la Marilyn Manson and Black Sabbath.

[Thanks, Rob]