Microsoft responds to Xbox 360 crash reports

xbox 360 crash

We know Microsoft has a lot riding on the Xbox 360's success, so it makes sense that in response to the first reports of Xbox crashes, they told Reuters there were "a few isolated reports of consoles not working as expected" for a "very, very small fraction" of Xboxes sold, and that their "number of calls was not unexpected." Maybe so, maybe no; there are always a certain amount of defective units on any product launch — especially one as huge as this — and it's not usually something anyone can call just based reports on forums alone. Molly O'Donnell, Microsoft spokesperson, called it "Par for the course." Then again, we did have to call the Xbox support line about six times before we could even get on hold to talk to someone, and wound up on the horn over two and a half hours because one of our retail units (the one that crashed a couple times) wouldn't (and still won't) connect to Live. We'll have to chalk that up to amazing odds, since only time will tell how pervasive and persistent the Xbox 360 crash problems really are, but in the mean time Microsoft says they'll overnight repair or replace any defective 360s in your midst. So if you're seeing screens like those above, holla at 'em.

[Thanks, gamestopzak]