Hello Kitty Stratocaster guitar by Fender

hello kitty guitar

Seemingly perfect for either up-and-coming Bikini Kill-style riot grrl rockers or androgynous Marilyn Manson-style glamfreaks, the Hello Kitty Stratocaster guitar and Badtz-Maru Bass from Squier by Fender are curiously being marketed to pre-pubescent girls, whose role-models today seem to mostly eschew musical instruments in favor of skimpy clothing and "back-up" tapes. Anyway, the Kittycaster features the little cutie herself on the pickguard, comes in pink or black, and costs a very non-indie $230. This hot Kitty action has definitely put us in the HK mood, so don't be surprised if you see a little more Kittypr0n before the day is over.

[Via Luxist, Sonicflare, and Techie Diva]