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IntelliScaner Kitchen Companion 100 keeps track of groceries

kitchen companion 100 scanner

IntelliScanner — which developed the Wine Collector 150 we peeped a while ago — now has a version of the Bluetooth barcode scanner for folks who would rather keep track of less intoxicating substances. The Kitchen Companion 100 is the same basic scanner, but adds a database of over 300,000 grocery items, along with nutrition data from the USDA. Scanned info can be downloaded to a PC, Mac, PDA or cellphone, letting you compile detailed grocery lists. At $279 (a USB version is $179), it seems a bit steep for a tool to help you figure out how much peanut butter you need to buy, though it could come in handy for big families that have massive shopping lists — and lots of kids who can do the scanning, database analysis and list production while you kick back with the output from the Wine Collector.

[Via MacMinute]