Denon's new AVR-4306 A/V Receiver: ethernet streaming, internet radio playing, iPod connecting monster

Denon AVR-4306

The new Denon AVR-4306 shows even the old-school audio boys can learn some new tricks. This 7-channel A/V receiver packs in Ethernet so you can setup and control the A/V receiver from your PC and then stream your MP3, WAV, or WMA audio files to it directly via Windows Media Connect or from other devices supporting the open DLNA guidelines. You can also listen to internet radio via a customized vTuner radio station database or attach an optional Connect-and-Play satellite antenna for XM radio goodness. Wait, there's more: a USB port allows "full control of your Rio and Creative MP3 players" while two (!) dedicated iPod connection terminals provide "full iPod (3G and above) integration and control." Not sure if that mean you can control your players via the remote but it sure sounds that way, eh? Oh, and besides all this geekery, you get all the high-end processing you'd expect from Denon including HDMI in/outs with 1080i upscaling, the latest DSPs and codecs, 7 x 130 watts-o-power, and independent audio & video processing capability to setup a 3-room multi-source/multi-zone home entertainment system. Yours for about $2,000. Whew, anyone got a cigarette?

[Via PocketLint]