HP to rebadge the HTC Feeler / SP3i as iPAQ SmartPhone rw4500?

HP iPAQ rw4500

The HTC Feeler has been out overseas on Euro T-Mo for a while now as the T-Mobile SDA (not to be confused with the European SDA Music / American T-Mo SDA / HTC Hurricane — yes, we know this is unnecessarily complicated), but it looks like HP's rebadging it as the iPAQ SmartPhone rw4500. If this is in fact destined for US release it seems kind of silly, considering the US SDA / Hurricane is essentially the same device as the Feeler, but with a QVGA display (compared to 220 x 176), 1.3 megapixel camera (compared to VGA), and music buttons. Then again, we are all for more Smartphones, smartphones, and, um, good phones on T-Mobile, so let's have 'em!

[Thanks, rock99rock]