RoomBuds give your Roomba a face


The way it scoots around the floor with seeming intelligence, feeds on scraps, and doesn't require daily walks to do its business, the Roomba would seem an ideal alternative to a house pet; all it's missing is a cute, cuddly visage. Now you can give your Roomba the face you always thought it should have with RoomBuds, wraparound outfits for the robot vacuum that come in a variety of animal prints, including tiger and leopard. Of course, once it has a face it may only be a matter of time before the Roomba develops a personality, starts behaving unpredictably, and begins launching into impromptu renditions of "Daisy." Maybe we'll keep our Roomba naked and stick to a flesh-and-blood pet; at least a dog will eat your leftovers without having to get charged up first.

[Via ShinyShiny]