Xbox 360 only sold about 58% compared to original Xbox

xbox 360

We're not normally the types to get into the nitty gritty of sales figures and the like, but we have to admit we're kind of sickly addicted to following the sales trends of the Xbox 360 this season — especially since the only competition it has in the US is its lack of supply. Which might be why NPD is reporting that they've only sold about 326,000 consoles by the end of last month — a solid 230,000 consoles behind the 556,000 first-gen Xbox consoles sold in the same time frame. The crucial Japan numbers are in too — crucial because Japan is really the country they want to crack this time around — and they're, um, not so hot. Like only an estimated 28 - 40% of their allotment Xboxes were sold (Famitsu Xbox 360 editor Munetatsu Matsui attributed this to the postponement of DoA4). We're not making any judgments or anything, but Microsoft really needs to get these things on the shelves before we can know how successful this console's really gonna be.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]