Neo 4-in-1 Pad for PSP

neo 4-in-1 pad

Besides the Datel 4GB PSP drive, there have been few options to add non-MemoryStick memory to your Sony portable besides those awkward flash adapters that dangle from the device with flat PCB cables. Well soon a new product will hit the market (from Neo, the same company that brought us the MS converter tethered adapter) called the 4-in-1 Pad, an ergonomic PSP handgrip that doubles as an SD/MMC/CF/MicroDrive reader and triples as a battery pack that accepts regular or rechargeable AAs and more than doubles the console’s playtime. Even better, the Pad features two USB ports, which can either be used for charging the batteries or connecting to a PC to act as a standalone card reader—plus, the bundled MemoryStick Duo won’t go to waste, as the 4-in-1’s adapter allows for MS passthrough. Neo is still putting the final touches on this model, and it should be available in a few weeks for about $100—read on to scope out the Pad’s profile.

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