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LG SteamWasher cleans clothes without water

Given that we're a crew of slovenly, pajama-clad bloggers, devices that will help us cut down on our dry-cleaning bills don't exactly have a lot of appeal here at Engadget HQ (something to clean the air in here, however, could be in order). But, yes, we know a lot of you do actually dry clean at least some of your clothes, so if you want to cut down on those trips to the cleaners, you may want to check out LG's SteamWasher, a washing machine that also includes a water-free steam cycle that the company says can "remove wrinkles and odors from clothing without the use of water or detergent." Of course, you'll pay something of a premium for all those wrinkle-free suits: the SteamWasher goes for about $1,500. So, either way, you're being taken to the cleaners.

[Via PopGadget]