The Dell 3007WFP to drop Jan 5th

They're not saying much about it, but apparently Dell's forthcoming 30-inch 3007WFP display is a) real, and b) actually going to be announced during CES according to their site (hence their "check back on Jan 5, 2006" message), and c) has better specs as Apple's 30-inch Cinema display (those being same 2560 x 1600 resolution, but 700:1 contrast ratio over 400:1, 11ms over 16ms, and 400cd/m2 brightness over 270). Frankly we're a little bummed they're gonna miss the holiday rush with this one, but somehow we have a feeling a 30-inch display, Dell or not, is still one of those things we'd have to pony up for ourselves.

[Thanks, Matt and Chet]

Update: for all those interested, the 3007WFP user manual has indeed surfaced. And it does quite in fact show the unit as having a SD / MMC / Memory Stick / SmartMedia / CompactFlash card reader and HDCP support. Thanks to everyone who sent this in.