AOpen Mini PC reviewed

Want to get your mitts on an AOpen Mini PC (aka the Mac mini knockoff that Apple's lawyers are ignoring since it's based on a reference design by Apple's new buds at Intel)? You may want to check out the Reg's review of the diminutive desktop first. According to the review, despite the Mini being "a really cool-looking little machine" that "oozes quality," its limitations will become apparent to anyone who tries to use it for more than basic computing tasks. The machine's integrated graphics core limited its ability to work as a gaming or video box (despite the fact that the review unit came with Windows MCE installed), and the machine proved to be somewhat noisy, due to the cooling needs of its 2GHz Pentium M CPU. At a UK price of £699 ($1,200), it doesn't sound like this is going to be flying off of shelves any time soon. Anyone who really needs to save space can probably get a similarly equipped laptop for the same price, while anyone who doesn't will be able to find a much more robust machine for less.