Nissan's concept URGE uses steering wheel, pedals to control Xbox 360 games

Living in New York we have little need for owning a car, but even if we did, the last thing we'd want to do after a long commute is remain in the driver's seat to play a video game--of someone driving! So clearly, we are not the target audience for Nissan's concept URGE (Ugly Rolling Gaming Environment?) vehicle, which incorporates an Xbox 360 in its standard suite of gizmos. In-car gaming is nothing new, but Nissan and Microsoft have taken it to the next level with the URGE, allowing the driver to control games such as Project Gotham Racing 3 with the stock steering wheel and pedals. As you might imagine, gameplay is only enabled when the vehicle is parked; while driving, the 7-inch flip-down LCD serves as a teched-out rear-view mirror. Since this is only a concept, it is unlikely that we'll ever see the URGE cruising around town, although Nissan's target price of under $20,000 (pretty easy to low-ball a concept, isn't it?) would probably make it a most popular whip.