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Price drop on GB Micro for FutureShop Canadians

David Touve

Game Boy MicroAttention video game shoppers, for the next few hours we've got the latest GameBoy Micro on sale, over the US border, at Future Shop Canada.  The price in Canadian dollars is $97.99; which in US dollars amounts to something around $83 and in Euros about EU68.  Unfortunately, the online store reports being already out-of-stock claiming they will ship the units once available.  These things were selling like hotcakes in Japan, so why the price drop at FutureShop, we'll try to find out.  I particularly enjoy one of the selling points listed at FutureShop: "Fits Easily Into Gamer's Back Pockets".  As if our pockets were somehow different from other pockets.  Hmmm.  Thanks poutinemaster.

Update: According to comments received, apparently Wal-Mart Canada was holding an anniversary sale.  Therefore both FutureShopo and EBGames matched prices.  Thanks swampdonkey.

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