iRiver's G10: more deets on the WiBro'in game console

We finally got a pic and a few more specs on iRiver's G10 WiBro game console we told you about a few months back. If our Babelrean is any good, then it appears like iRiver's "PSP killer" will sport an 800 x 480 pixel 260k color display, pack in 4 or 8GB of storage, and run Windows CE 5.0. Looks like it'll be on display at CES so we'll be sure to track this one down for ya. Another pic after the break.

Update: According to our friend Jason, that WiBro connection will not only be used for online gaming and game downloads, but also provide access to a new iRiver music and movie service allowing subscribers to purchase content, store it in provided webspace, and then stream it to their G10.

[Thanks, James]