AMD Live! continues to combat Intel's Viiv

Partially in preparation for that Windows Vista we keep hearing about and also to soften the blows from Intel's Viiv chip, AMD is extending their 2004 "AMD Live!" strategy. Of course, we expect more Athlon 64 X2 dual processors to power WMCEs in the home entertainment area, but AMD is looking at notebooks and other devices too. Dual core mobile processors (take that Yonah!) will get a big push in 2006 and we wouldn't put it past AMD to tuck some CPUs in an HDTV down the line. We'll be looking for some actual products that fit the "keeping up with the Intels" vision on the CES show floor. In the meantime, we'll hit up the new AMD Live! site while we wait for the new devices.

[via Media Center PC World]