HP HDTV lineup announced, one with WiFi

No less than eight new HDTV sets fill up the HP lineup for CES 2006. Three 720p LCD sets that range from 32- to 37-inches also offer integrated Windows Media Connect. Unlike similar new sets like the ones from ED Digital, the SLC3760N includes 802.11a/b/g for streaming media, and has a response time of 6 or less milliseconds for dropping that oh-so-annoying ghosting. HP is pumping out the Plasma too: new 42 and 50-inch sets (the PL 4260N and PL5060N) will grace the retail shelves but not much seems new on these. Three 1080p DLP sets join the crowd in the extra-large size. 52, 58, and 65-inches of 1920 x 1080 progressive-scan goodness using that wacky wobulation method. All sets include integrated ATSC, NTSC and QAM tuners, which we expected. It is 2006, after all.