Motorola's H5 Miniblue Bluetooth headset

Well looky here, the extremely compact Motorola H5 Miniblue might finally eliminate the dork factor from those Bluetooth headsets -- ok, probably not. At only 33 x 41 milimeters and an incredibly light 7.4-grams it trounces the 10-gram Nextlink Bluespoon AX2 but still comes up short of knocking off the 5G as the "world's smallest." The Miniblue is equipped with an inner-ear speaker and mic which "picks up your voice through your ear canal." It ships with a recharging base which also doubles as protective shell when not in use. Talk time is a rather anemic 1.5 hours or confusingly, "up to 7.5 hours using the included portable charging base"...what the!? Expect these to drop sometime in the first half of 2006.