Seagate's new Momentus 5400.3 2.5-inch 160GB drive goes perpendicular

You've learned the theme song, simulated those bits and bytes with your very own set of dominos, you've even taken to stacking household furniture perpendicularly to get more bang for your buck, but what you've really been waiting for is for the friggen' drives to arrive and get this party started. Well Seagate is finally ready with their "first ever" 2.5-inch 160GB perpendicular drive, the Momentus 5400.3, to be available in February for $379. They're also working on a 500GB backup drive for an April release, though we have yet to see anything that really blows out traditional drives for capacity, unless that 500GB drive happens to be 2.5-inch. We're still glad the promises of perpendicular byte stacking is starting to come true, but now we're hoping for a reverse market trend of totally redic theme songs and flash videos being made up for all sorts of industry standards -- it's the future man, innovate or die.