Fujitsu Lifebook E and Lifebook N go dual-core

Lest you think Fujistu forgot about the mobile dual-core bandwagon that everyone else is on, have no fear. Fujitsu's Lifebook E and Lifebook N series double your processing pleasure with the Intel Core Duo CPU. On the E-side, the E8110 sports a SXGA display over 15-inches, biometric security sensor and dedicated SmartCard slot. The N6410 keeps the typical Lifebook N subwoofer and speaker set and boasts a 17-inch Color Enhanced Crystal View display. Dual 160GB hard drives can fit in the chassis along with an available 2GB of 667MHz DDR2 memory and an ATI Radeon x1400 GPU. The best news of all: thanks to the dual-core, the E8110 gets double the battery life over previous Lifebook E models.