Apple to launch plasma HDTVs at Macworld next week?

Mr. Powerpage himself, Jason O'Grady, is laying down a rumor of Apple plasma displays at Macworld, alongside the annals of his recent breakfast at Wawa. At Wawa he grabbed a breakfast sandwich, but at Macworld he's expecting 42 and 50-inch plasma HDTVs with DVI-HDCP and VGA hookups. The real story here is that Apple would be cramming in whole VIIV computers into these things, including Mac OS 10.4.4 for x86, and charging a mere $2599 or $3299 respectively for the privledge. He's also saying the included remote will be all 12-buttoned and LCD sporting, but that no keyboard or mouse will be included, leaving these squarely targeted at working your media. Since we're hanging in Vegas we've already started the betting pool, which is currently at a buck fifty for and fifty cents against (high rollers, we know) but we'll leave it to Stevie J to verify this one on tuesday at Macworld -- our fingers are crossed.