AT&T and Verizon turning to Microsoft for IPTV to the home

This doesn't get all that much attention -- at least not yet -- but Microsoft isn't placing all its bets on the Xbox 360 or Media Center in the battle to control the living room; they've also been pushing hard to get mixed up with how television is delivered to the home (insert obligatory joke here about your TV crashing). Comcast has been testing Microsoft's Foundation software for cable set-top boxes for awhile, but they're hoping to be all over IPTV this year, they've recently announced that both Verizon and AT&T are starting to slowly roll-out IPTV over fiber using Microsoft TV IPTV Edition here in the States. There's almost a ridiculous amount of behind-the-scenes activity both here and abroad -- a lot of people probably don't even realize that it's Microsoft powering their set-top box -- and XChange has a detailed interview with Ed Graczyk, director of marketing and communications for Microsoft TV that gives a good overview of their efforts.