Pump your car - and the volume - with Ovation iX Windows CE gas pump

The two most frustrating things about getting gas are probably having to hand over close to $3 a gallon and having to stand out there watching those numbers go up while your tank fills. And while there's no solution in sight for the first problem (other than buying a Prius or a bike, that is), gas pump maker Dresser Wayne has some ideas about how to deal with the second one. The company is showing off the Ovation iX, a gas pump powered by Windows CE, which the company envisions as a terminal you can use to download music files, watch videos or download and print coupons while you fill your car. Sounds great — until, that is, you find yourself stuck in a gas line behind some kid who just has to watch that Hilary Duff video one more time, or until a virus leaves you stranded with an empty tank while the pump flashes a BSOD.