HP iPAQ Mobile Messenger to get spec bumps in hw6900?

Even though we all caught 'em red-handed with that hw6700 a while back, rumor has it that the hw6500 minus SDIO, plus WiFi, more flash memory, and Windows Mobile 5.0 -- aka the hw6700 -- is being scrapped and re-upgraded and badged the hw6900. What's being changed? Well, apparently it won't have the 802.11g of the hw6700 (instead it'll use 802.11b), but it should keep that GPS, have 128MB flash memory, 64MB RAM, get bumped to a 416MHz Xscale CPU, and finally pick up Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU 2.0 (the version upgraded for push email support). Will and when will it happen? We've no idea, but we're hoping so, and soon, respectively.