PSP-controlled Honda Civic

You have a dinky little RF remote-controlled car. CES has a full-size, tricked-out Honda Civic that can be controlled over WiFi by a PSP. And we're not just talking about amateur moves like honking the horn or changing the radio station--you can actually drive this Civic (illegally, we presume) down the road using Metro Electronics in America's wild mod. As if piloting your car from the comfort of your sofa wasn't enough ("Civic, time for a beer run"), when you do feel like getting behind the wheel you'll be carting around a virtual Best Buy, as this Frankencar sports an eye-popping 24 LCD screens. Obviously this little proof-of-concept is not/never will be for sale, but an MEA spokesman quoted a fantasy world price of around $250,000.

[Via PSP Fanboy]