Samsung sez combo HD DVD/Blu-ray player is a no go?

Blu-ray   HD DVD

Last we heard, things degraded from gung-ho to so-so for Samsung on the prospect of going in on a dual-mode device that'd bridge the gap between HD DVD and Blu-ray for the consumer. But it looks like guarded has now turned to closed-until-further-notice according to a SVP of Marketing at Samsung North America, Peter Weedfald. We had no idea there were licensing agreements in place that prevented a dual-mode player, but apparently "Until everyone agrees to check their egos at the door and help the consumer, there is nothing [Samsung] can do about a universal product." And thus today our final hope for a truce -- even if involuntary on the part of both warring factions -- is dashed. We're not going to worry too much, however, you know how these things like to turn around every fifteen minutes, or how tech execs get "misquoted" and rescind.