Hasselblad H2D 39-megapixel medium-format digicam

For most people, a digital camera upgrade means trashing the old point-and-shoot and getting a DSLR. For pros that are used to medium-format gear, an upgrade may well mean finding a way to justify buying a Hasselblad H2D-39, a 39-megapixel behemoth that we assume is based on Kodak's previously announced 39-megapixel CCD (no CCD provider is listed in the specs, but Kodak makes other CCDs for Hassy and, really, how many 39-megapixel imagers are there?). The new camera includes new color-correction technology, a 2.2-inch OLED display and the ability to work with tethered hard drives (after all, the RAW files this shoots are a whopping 78MB each). Hasselblad has also announced three digital backs based on the same CCD, for use with Hasselblad H2 cameras. One version, the CF-39MS (Multi Shot), uses multiple exposures to improve color accuracy. Pricing on the H2D is expected to be about $31,000, with the backs going for similar prices, with the exception of the CF-39MS, which will go for close to $40,000. All models are due out later this year. Start saving those pennies.

[Thanks, Fino]