The 2005 Engadget Awards

We know, we know, just when you thought you'd heard the last of 2005, then we hit you with the 2005 Engadget Awards. But just because 2005 is gone and done doesn't mean we can't take a moment to look back and reflect upon all the best gadgets and consumer electronics-related accomplishments (and blunders) of the year. It was, after all, quite a year for gadgets and consumer electronics.

Ah, the second annual Engadet Awards! So here's how it works: we’re asking you to nominate your favorite gadgets in 28 categories, as well as your picks for Gadget of the Year, Disappointment of the Year, Merger of the Year, Worst Gadget of the Year, Comeback of the Year, Weird Gadget of the Year, Blunder of the Year, and the Most Anticipated Gadget of 2006.

We’ll keep the nominations open until 3:30PM EST on Wednesday, January 18th. The editors of Engadget will pick five finalists for each category to be voted on for the Reader’s Choice Award, and we'll also select our own winners for the Engadget Editors’ Award -- so each category will have two awards given. Winners will be announced in late January.

Here are the different categories, please post your nominations on each page!