Keepin' it real fake, weekend edition: Most blatant nano knockoff. Ever.

Usually knockoff artists change something about their product to slightly distinguish it from the real deal, the first of which is generally the device's name, followed closely by its price. Well meet the $200 "iPod nano 2GB," whose striking differences from Apple's product of the same name are helpfully delineated by its Chicago Craigslist seller, all [sic]: "Note that the wheel for these nano is not operated by touching the wheel, the wheel is actually bottons and must be clicked for selecting files and video or even functions you will be clicking the wheel to navigate within the nano. Also, The earphone connect from the side and not from the bottom of the nano." So besides the headphone jack "upgrade," this i-Bob lookalike also plays back video, and may even come in what seems to be a genuine Apple nano box. Thanks, guys, but even video playback and a resituated jack could never break Steve J.'s incredibly powerful hold over us.

Update: The read link is apparently dead now, which is fine by us. Apple lawyers (or Newmark's army): 1 (yes folks, just like us, they work weekends), Shady resellers: 0.

[Thanks, Michael]