Is Motorola nixing the GSM Q?

It's a bit muddled as to what's really going on, but we'll start from the start: French site Mobinaute printed that they spoke with a European Moto representative who informed them that the GSM Q was being canceled for European release (wait, who said it was announced for European release?) and that only Verizon in the US would be seeing any version hit the streets (from what we can tell by way of crappy bot translation, anyway). So is it possible the GSM Q is actually being killed? Well, we spoke with Moto who let us know they absolutely consider the Q to be their new flagship device, and that they're proceeding with all possible haste to get it to market -- which means Verizon getting a permanent worldwide exclusive on the Q seems nigh impossible; we've also received at least one other confirmation that what Mobinaute printed was erroneous. And if you take into account that we have on authority that the Q is actually skipping right up to UMTS/HSDPA, the GSM/EDGE Q's supposed cancellation may just be a case of some detail lost in translation to the result of some severe speculation about a device not even officially announced anyway.

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