EPC Fidelity-T PC: HD, 2TB, 3GHz, $7,400

We keep expecting the bottom to fall out of the market for these luxury home-theater PCs, but it just doesn't seem to happen. In the year since we recoiled at spending $7,500 for the OnCinema Teatro, more boutique manufacturers have brought out their wares, with the latest being the UK's Entertainment PC. The company's Fidelity-T has some impressive features, including an HD tuner, 3GHz P4, storage capacities of up to 2TB and a dual-layer burner. But $7,400 (that's for the 2TB version; you can get a 300GB version for a mere $5,300)? That's almost double the price of VoodooPC's Aria, which we thought was a little dear at $4,000, and which has most of the same features, plus a touchscreen LCD. Still, we imagine EPC will sell a few of these; and at that price, they should only need to sell a few to be a fairly successful little company.

[Via BIOS]