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Dell XPS M170 laptop reviewed

When Michael Dell showed off the XPS-M170 laptop at CES, he highlighted what he called the portable's "incredible gaming power." And the raw specs of the laptop certainly sound impressive: 17-inch widescreen display, GeForce Go 7800 GTX for graphics, Pentium M at up to 2.26 GHz and up to 2GB RAM. But how does it fare in the real world? BIOS took one for a spin, and found it to be "about as powerful as mobile gaming currently gets." The review cited the 17-inch display, great sound, and solid gaming performance as major pluses. Downsides? The lack of a DVD burner or an internal TV tuner (after all, the box comes with Windows XP Media Center Edition) and "mediocre build quality." However, these complaints weren't enough to stop the reviewer from declaring it a "powerhouse of a laptop that will appeal to high-end multimedia users."