Linksys partners with Yahoo to promote Wireless Music Bridge

Linksys' latest entry into the streaming music space looks like a worthy successor to the company's Wireless B Media Link. The Wireless G Music Bridge connects to any home entertainment system or powered speakers, and uses its own drivers to pipe audio from your PC to the sound system over WiFi. According to Linksys, the $99 device will work with any audio source on your PC, which makes it a touch better than Apple's Airport Express, which is designed to work only with iTunes (though, of course, it's not a full-featured streaming client like the Roku Soundbridge). Linksys is currently pitching the Music Bridge in partnership with Yahoo, as the perfect "complement Yahoo's digital music download service," which doesn't mean much, other than the fact that you can get a $20 rebate if you join Yahoo's music service for a year and buy the Music Bridge.