SiN Episodes coming "early-ish March"

A Shacknews user going by the name "sicko" claims to have gotten a whole bunch of hands on time with the upcoming episodic title, SiN Episodes: Emergence. How did he get this opportunity? Easy, the poster happens to be buddies with Ritual Entertainment's Tom Mustaine.

What did he have to say about the experience? He says bluntly, "I really think this is the most exciting thing happening in gaming." Some of the juicier bits:

-"I know SiN: Episodes multiplayer won't be immediately available... but it is something they hope to release before Episode 2."
-"Early-ish March is the target right now I was told. It looks good, so I can't imagine they would miss that date. I am pretty stoked."
-"$20 for 6ish hours of gameplay supposedly."
-On the dynamic difficulty, "You won't be able to force the difficulty. I was actually feeling pretty skeptical about that at first though, but the way they do it is far more advanced than just adding more enemies, higher hitpoints, etc. Nobody has ever done it like this before... It is kind of staggering how much data they are tracking... It adjusts it every 2 minutes, so the game will be very dynamic and won't hang onto a particular setting very long if it isn't working."

In summary, we're talking about a $20 game with about 6 hours of gameplay and, using technology from the future, won't be too easy or too hard... and you'll probably get some multiplayer thrown in at some point.