xG Technologies pushes ahead with xMax, scores FCC approval

It's been a while since we've heard anything out of xG Technology, creator of the xMax wireless standard, but it seems like they're plowing ahead with their "we don't need no stinkin' WiMax" plan for wireless technology. In their latest demo they transmitted a 3.67Mbps signal 18 miles using only 35 milliwatts of power, which sticks to their plan of keeping the power level low enough in transmissions to allow them to send over occupied frequencies. The FCC just approved the transmitter, so xG seems well on their way to providing that wireless broadband everybody's talking about these days, hopefully in the second quarter of this year. Just to show off, they also used an xMax device to transmit data 100 feet using 300 nanowatts of power, which compares to 802.11 standards which use three million times more power -- give us some of that sweet loving!

[Via The Inquirer]